Easy Entertaining

Easy Entertaining

Hosting a dinner party always sounds like a great idea—until you wind up knee-deep in dishes, frantically prepping and plating while your company mixes and mingles. Instead, throw a wine-friendly soirée with cheese and charcuterie. Complete all the prep before guests arrive, and let thoughtfully paired wine and high-quality ingredients do the rest. Get inspired from our pairing suggestions below, and be prepared to fall in love with no-fuss entertaining.


We recommend incorporating a variety of flavors and textures to allow for a multitude of pairings. Choose a few different styles of cheese and one or two options from each category:

Mix up the cheesesoft, hard, blue & fresh

Add something saltycured meats, sardines or olives

Make it crunchyraw, roasted or candied nuts

Throw in some fruitfresh, seasonal or dried

Don’t forget a spreadhoney, mustards, pesto, tapenades

A variety of vehiclesbaguette, rosemary crackers, breadsticks or pitas



Consider the wines you’d like to pour and assemble your cheese platter accordingly. Here are a few of our favorite pairings:

Chardonnay: brie, apples, honey, walnuts

Sauvignon Blanc: goat cheese, coppa, green olives

Pinot Noir: gruyere, prosciutto, dates

Zinfandel: blue cheese, dry-cured chorizo, smoked almonds

Cabernet Sauvignon: aged cheddar, salami, Dijon mustard

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