Host a Blind Tasting Party

Host a Blind Tasting Party

Gather your friends and host an interactive, entertaining and educational blind tasting. Use our guide for an easy and fun competition to see who has the most refined taste buds!

The Goal: To correctly identify various wines based on the sight, aroma and taste.


How it works:

Choose a theme. Italian reds. Napa Cabernet. White wines from around the globe. Tell your friends the theme and let them bring their wine of choice to the gathering.

Create a key. Winery. Vintage. Varietal. Appellation. Write down the wine details so that you have a master key for people to reference during the tasting.

Disguise the bottle. Brown paper bags. Tin foil. Various decanters. There’s no specific science to disguising the wine, just make sure you label the disguise with a unique number or letter, and know the corresponding wine. (It helps if there is a neutral party labeling the bottles).

Taste Test. On your mark. Get set. Go! Have a pen, paper and a few glasses for each person so they can jot down their notes and do side by side comparisons. Use all of your senses (and process of elimination) to determine which wine correlates to which on the key.

The Big Reveal. Winner, winner. Have prizes for the person who correctly identifies the most wines. You can also mix it up with other awards such as voting on who brought the most delicious wine, or who incorrectly identified the most.

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